design and direction

Born and raised in Milan, I’ve always been seeking the perfect balance between art and craft. So I started studying graphic design in high school, and kept the research on at Uni, exploring the relationship between shapes and time, until I eventually stepped into what - I didn't know - was called motion design. As I fell in love with this idea, I flew to Chicago to study and work in the field.

I’ve been working with some of the best talents in the industry, constantly learning and growing my skill set. As I moved to London, I landed at The Mill in 2015, and then I moved to Territory Studio in 2017, to contribute in both great motion pictures and commercial projects.

I now work as a freelance Art Director, collaborating with the best studios in the motion design and film industry.

I’ve got really strong feelings for the two wheels, with an engine, or without. When this combines with mountains, I’m in heaven.

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